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Unlike Other online wine shops, we are dedicated to selling only American wines.
Red wine, White Wine, Sweet Wines, Riesling Wine and (Syrah) Shiraz Wines . We never Sell French Wine, Italian Wine, Chilean Wine, Australian Wine, German Wine or any other international Wines. We only sell US wine. We taste, evaluate and negotiate the best possible wine deals through high volume purchases or paying for wines COD, protecting the wineries identity, working on small fixed margins, these are some favorable techniques to get the best prices. We carefully select each and every wine that we offer exclusively to our members. All wines offered on Allvino are searched and compared for reference on “Wine Searcher” to find the lowest online retailer or winery that has the wine in stock. All auctions and out of stock are disregarded.

1. At Least One Wine-At-A-Time in each category

Our wine promotions are offered one-at-a time, sometimes more.

An offer will remain active until all inventories are gone.

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Every wine offer has a "free-shipping" option, provided you choose the minimum number of bottles (1, 2, 3, or 4 bottles depending on the offer).

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Our members receive email notifications of all new and expiring offers, if they opt in.              

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We guarantee the quality of all wines we sell! If unsatisfied, Please contact us and we will refund 100% of your purchase including shipping costs.


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Our wine deals are exclusive, but the membership is FREE! Become a member today and gain access to our great wines at amazing prices. Members also receive emails with featured wines, and when members purchase bottles of wine in a case or by the bottle, they are supporting local American wineries. Membership is free, so it’s a win-win. Join today!

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American wines are filled with as much character as the American people. The fruited plains produce a wide variety of grapes and that means bottles and bottles of wine perfection. At Allvino, we concentrate on helping wine lovers find thier perfect bottle to compliment any palate or any meal. Whether you’re seeking the perfect Riesling to pair with a snarky cheese or just the right Pinot Noir to sip on the patio while your steak grills, Allvino has you covered.

Our extensive website features a broad selection of different types of wines including American whites and American red varieties as well as the rare and collectible bottles available to members only.

Membership in our wine club is Free. In addition to exclusive access to some of our best wine deals online, members receive free shipping when they buy more than 4 bottles. Members also receive emails featuring different wines each week. The emails feature tips and wine specifications for wine and food pairings from some of the nation’s top sommeliers. Members also learn more about where our featured wines are produced and about the people who make them.

Our free memberships allow wine drinkers, from the novice to the experienced sommelier, insight into selecting American wines. According to Wine & Vines Magazine, there are more than 8,391 wineries in the U.S. This means buying wine in a brick and mortar store filled with wine options can be an overwhelming task. With some of the best wine deals online and wine experts at your fingertips, purchasing your next bottle of wine online at Allvino just makes sense.

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Allvino is a one-stop shop for All wine lovers. Experienced lovers and novices alike enjoy Allvino wine tastings because they aren’t confined to a wine shop. Tasters can experience samples of the finest American reds and whites on a beach, a boat, or on a mountainside at a picnic.

Wines are like fashion. Just as every dress pattern and color doesn't work for every woman, every wine drinker experiences wine differently. Fortunately, there are as many different types of wines as there are tasters in the world!

Website visitors learn about various wine varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon,t he king of grapes in Napa Valley, this specific grape creates dynamic reds with a wide variety of flavors depending on the soil in which they’re grown, the type of barrel in which they’re aged, and how long they’re aged.

The website is continually updated, so visitors can expect to learn something new, like how to properly serve wine and the proper way to open a bottle, with each click.

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