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Unlike other online wine shops, we are dedicated to selling only American made wines.

We taste hundreds of wines, evaluate and negotiate the best wine deals through high volume purchases or paying for wines COD, protecting the wineries identity, working on small fixed margins, these are some favorable techniques to get the best wine prices. We carefully select each and every wine that we offer exclusively to our members. All wines offered on Allvino are searched and compared for reference on “Wine Searcher” to find the lowest online wine shop or winery that has the wine in stock. All auctions and out of stock are disregarded.

1. At Least One Wine-At-A-Time in each category

Our wine promotions are offered one-at-a time, sometimes more.
An offer will remain active until all inventories are gone.

2. Email Notifications of New Wine Offers

Our members receive email notifications of all new and expiring offers, if they opt in.

3. Free Wine Shipping & Delivered to Your Door

Every wine offer has a "free-shipping" option, provided you choose the minimum number of bottles (1, 2, 3, or 4 bottles depending on the offer).

4. Love Our Wine or Your Money Back

We guarantee the quality of all wines we sell! If unsatisfied, Please contact us and we will refund 100% of your purchase including shipping costs.