Wineries in South Dakota

Baumberger Vineyard & Winery
Belle Joli Sparkling House
Belle Joli Winery
Birdsong Vineyards
Chateau Sylvania Vineyard and Winery
ChrisaMari Vineyards
Firehouse Wine Cellars
Ghost Town Winery
Naked Winery - Custer
Naked Winery - Hill City
Prairie Berry Winery
Schade - Deadwood
Schade Vineyard
Stone Faces Winery
Strawbale Winery
Valiant Vineyards
Wide Sky Wines
Wilde Prairie Winery

South Dakota wine refers to wine made from wine grapes grown in the U.S. state of South Dakota. South Dakota has a small wine industry, which must contend with extremes of heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The only grape species that naturally performs well in South Dakota is Vitis riparia, a species not generally used for wine production. The wineries in South Dakota have focused exclusively on cold-resistant French hybrid grapes.